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Arturo Di Maria

Arturo Di Maria

After training in crafts and art school studies he moved to Zurich. His figurative beginnings, with an affinity to Dadaism, were marked by a social and political commitment which he was later unable to reconcile with his artistic intent. In the early seventies, in the sphere of influence of the Zurich Concretes, he began to occupy himself intensively with the tradition of Constructivism and in 1984 found his personal idiom almost overnight.
After his basic challenging of the principles of Constructivism and his final affirmation of them, this idiom now furnishes him with new and contemporary means of expression.
Silver Medal of the Union Internationale Touristique Culturelle, Venice

3rd Prize, Exposition des Art Plastiques de Photographie et de Philatelie, Rome

Member of the GSMBA-VISART (Society of Swiss Painters Sculptors and Architects)
Co-founder of the Group X on the occasion of the "Konstruktiv 88" exhibition in the Kunsthaus Zurich
Monograph "Arturo Di Maria", Publisher Waser, Zurich

Venice Biennale, 54th International Art Exhibition 2011